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Bosco Nsengimana wins Kivu Race with early solo attack

Reigning Tour du Rwanda champion Bosco Nsengimana rode to a convincing solo win at Kivu Race after an early attack. Behind Bosco, Areruya Joseph edged Mathieu Twizerane for second.

With just 20 kilometers into the race,Bosco shot off the front and immediately opened a sizeable gap.He was never unduly troubled by Areruya’s pursuit behind.

Bosco’s impressive win comes 21 days before the Tour du Rwanda which he will start as defending champion after winning last year’s race.

The BikeAid rider wants to make history by becoming the first rider to reclaim that title since Tour du Rwanda was registered on UCI Africa Tours but he knows just how hard it will be to win the race a second consecutive time.

“Of course I want to win again but to be honest it will be difficult. It was good to win today but the competition will be much tougher in November.I hope my shape is at the top in November.”

Race results:

  1. Nsengimana Bosco 3:19:54
  2. Areruya Joseph 3:23:44
  3. Twizerane Mathieu 3:23:49
  4. Uwizeye Jean Claude 3:27:29
  5. Byukusenge Patrick 3:27:58
  6. Nduwayo Eric 3:28:19
  7. Ruhumuriza Abraham 3:28:19
  8. Mugisha Samuel 3:28:53
  9. Hakiruwizeye Samuel 3:30:18
  10. Biziyaremye Joseph 3:31:17
  11. Karegeye Jeremie 3:31:33
  12. Gasore Hategeka 3:32:32
  13. Byukusenge Nathan 3:38:25
  14. Ukiniwabo Rene 3:38:37
  15. Mpiriwenimana Pappy 3:38:58
  16. Nizeyimana Alex 3:47:38
  17. Hakizimana Didier 3:47:38
  18. Ruberwa Jean 3:55:22

DNF Tuyishimire Ephrem
DNF Hakizimana Seth
DNF Steven Laget

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