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Gasore Hategeka wins national road title

Gasore Hategeka (Nyabihu Cycling Club) claimed his first national road title on Sunday out-sprinting Valens Ndayisenga and Bosco Nsengimana in 187 kilometer road race which finished with final circuit in Kigali.

Valens Ndayisenga who is currently riding for the Austria-based Tirol Cycling Club finished in second place, with Bosco Nsengimana taking third, just ahead of Jean Claude Uwizeye.

“It was a very difficult race featuring strong riders, but in long races, experience matters . I tried to save energy by not making breakaways and towards the finish I decided to go for it t and fortunately I won, I’m happy for this achievement,” said Gasore

Jean Damascene Ruberwa won the U23 national road race title while Eric Manizabayo took the victory in the 99.5km junior race.

After winning the women’s ITT yesterday, Ingabire put in another strong performance to back up her ITT title with a victory in a national road race

Brief results

Elite: Ngoma-Kigali+ circuit (7 laps) 99.5km+ (12.5x7) =187km

1. Gasore Hategeka (Nyabihu cycling team) 4h:59’:54”
2. Valens Ndayisenga (Tirol Cycling team) 4h:59’:54”
3. Jean Bosco Nsengimana (Club Benediction) 4h:59’:54”
12. Adrien Niyonshuti (Team Dimension Data) 5h:04’22”

Juniors: Ngoma-Kigali 99.5km

1. Eric Manizabayo (Club Benediction) 2h:31’:26”
2. Eric Mwumvaneza (Club Benediction) 2h:32’:04”
3. Yves Nkurunziza (Club Benediction) 2h:32’:43”

Women: Ngoma-Kigali 99.5km

1. Beathe Ingabire (Les Amis Sportifs) 3h:08’:20”
2. Xaverine Nirere (Les Amis Sportifs) 3h:09’:15”
3. Samantha Dushimiyimana (Les Amis Sportifs) 3h:09’:55”
5. Jean d’Arc Girubuntu (Les Amis Sportifs) 3h:11’:02”

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