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Rwanda Cycling Cup: First win for Patrick Byukusenge

On Saturday, Patric Byukusenge (Benediction Club) finally got the win he been looking for at the 2015 Rwanda Cycling Cup , when secured a solo victory at the Western Cicruit.Patrick’s teammates Gasore Hategeka was second, and Nsengimana Bosco third.

The 80 kilometre race took riders from Muhanga to Karongi where the 47 field,including five Kenyan riders,was dominated by Benediction Club with four riders in the top five.

Attacks began in the first kilometre, with a break of two established in the first five kilometres, containing Bonaventure Uwizeyimana,who has just returned from a fatal head injury, and Jeremie Karegeya. Later on,Bonaventure Uwizeyimana was back in the pack after being dropped by Jeremie Karegeya.

Byukusenge then brigged to Karegeya and launched clear with 10 kilometres to go.

“I am very happy that I won today because it is the first time that I have won a race in my cycling career. I broke away from the peloton and decided to keep going, and I was like…if they catch up with me well and good, if they don’t, I will go on and win it and luckily that is what happened,” said Byukusenge.

Rwanda Cycling Cup will resume with Tour de Kigali,on September 12.


1 Byukusenge Patrick 1h04’47’’
2 Gasore Hategeka 2h07’ 33’’
3 Nsengimana Jean Bosco 2h07’ 36’’
4 Karegeya Jerimie 2h7’ 42’’
5 Uwizeyimana Bonavanture 2h07’56’’
6 Aleruya Joseph 2h08’01
7 Uwizeye Jean Claude 2h08’01
8 Rukundo Hassan 2h08’01
9 Suleyman Kangangi 2h08’01
10 Twizerane Mathieu 2h08’01

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