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Rwanda Cycling Cup: Jean Claude Uwizeye wins Tour of Kigali

Uwizeye claimed the third win for Amis Sportifs in 2015 Rwanda Cycling Cup races with an impressive solo effort over the final two laps to take victory of a one-day race.

The 124,9km race took riders from Bugesera to Kigali and ended with three laps of a city centre circuit.Two riders from Democratic Republic of Congo were in the 41-man peleton.

Hadi Janvier and Twizerane made the break of the day after 20 km. Then, they were joined by Jeremy Karegeya (Cine Elamay) , Jean Claude Uwizeye (Amis Sportifs),Bosco Nsengimana (Benediction Club) and Mathieu Twizere(CCA) ) in an six-man move that formed after 40 kilometres.

Up the road the group cooperated well for the best part of race but as soon as they entered into the finishing circuit Nsengimana attacked repeatedly, but was only given a scant ten second lead by the break, patrolled primarily by Uwizeye.

With only two laps to go, Uwizeye was off and the others dithered. He carved out a lead of 4 minutes and,despite a broken saddle,he succeeded in staying away.
Sterling Magnell,Team Rwanda coach praised Uwizeye’s efforts.

“First, he made the break of the day. Then, he was the only guy able to follow Bosco’s attack coming into the finishing circuits. At one point he was dropped a minute back, but he never gave up. He clawed his way back to and outlasted his competitor to win solo by a large margin. And all that, with a broken saddle that slipped way out of position. Tough racing. Tough kid.” said Sterling Magnell

Gasore Hategeka (Benediction Club) made a late, lone effort to bridge across, but he was unable to close the gap, as Uwizeye soloed to victory. Gasore Hategeka came home in second place, ahead of Karegeya Jeremie (Cine Elmay).

Top ten results

1. Uwizeye Jean Claude – Les Amis Sportifs 3h20’34’

2. Gasore Hategeka – Benediction Club 3h24’08"

3. Karegeya Jeremie - Cine Elmay 3h24’25"

4. Twizera Mathieu – CCA 3h24’25"

5. Nsengimana Jean Bosco – Benediction Club 3h26’21”

6. Aleluya Joseph – Les Amis Sportifs 3h26’34"

7. Byukusenge Patrick - Benediction Club 3h26’34"

8. Biziyaremye Joseph – Cine Elmay 3h27’15"

9. Bintunimana Emile – Benediction Club 3h27’18"

10. Ruhumuriza Abraham – CCA 3h27’18"

Rwanda Cycling Cup race winners

1. Kivu Race – Joseph Aleluya (Les Amis Sportifs)
2. Race to Remember – Janvier Hadi (Benediction)
3. National Championships Road Race -Joseph Biziyaremye (Cine Elmay),
4. National Championships ITT -Valens Ndayisenga (Amis Sportifs)
5. Race for Culture – Janvier Hadi (Benediction)
6. Northern Circuit – Jean-Bosco Nsengimana (Benediction)
7. Western Circuit – Patrick Byukusenge (Benediction)
8. Tour of Kigali – Jean-Claude Uwizeye (Les Amis Sportifs)

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