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Sports Ministry pledges support to cycling federation

Ferwacy boss, Aimable Bayingana (left) and Sports Minister Julienne Uwacu (right)
Ferwacy boss, Aimable Bayingana (left) and Sports Minister Julienne Uwacu (right)

On Thursday, March 26, 2015, Rwanda’s newly-appointed Minister of Sports and Culture Julienne Uwacu visited the headquarters of Rwanda Cycling Federation (FERWACY) as part of her familiarization tour of different sports federations attached to the ministry.

The Minister’s visit was aimed at assessing the federation’s achievements, including winning Tour of Rwanda 2014, as well as plans for the future.

Ferwacy was the first federation Uwacu visited since she was appointed the Minister of Sports and Culture on March 09, 2015.

Uwacu said that she chose Ferwacy as the first federation to visit in order to convey her thanks for emerging victorious in Tour of Rwanda 2014. The 2014 edition claimed by Valens Ndayisenga, was the first to be won by a Rwandan rider since 2009, the year Tour of Rwanda was registered on UCI Africa Tours calendar.

Upon arrival at the premises of the federation in Remera, Minister Uwacu was welcomed by Ferwacy officials led by the President Aimable Bayingana.

After touring the offices of the federation, Minister Uwacu said that she was impressed by the ‘tangible results’ the federation has been able to deliver and pledged her support to take cycling to another level.

“The Ministry will continue to work closely with the federation. I am happy with the discussion we have had and I was able to see first-hand what the federation does and where the results we are talking about come from,”

“My visit here was to give my assurances that the ministry will continue working with the federation for the good of cycling in Rwanda. Together we will achieve more as a team,” Minister Uwacu said.

The Minister urged Ferwacy to be a beacon of success which other federations or institutions can pick lessons from.

“My request to you is one, I want you to continue to be the shining example to other federations through what you do. You should continue that way.Being examples to other federations” she said.

On the plans to hand over the Africa Rising Cycling Center to Ferwacy as requested by President Paul Kagame after Rwanda won Tour of Rwanda 2014, Minister Uwacu said that in a few days’ time the cycling federation will have the centre located in Musanze in its control.

Minister Uwacu said that final paperworks are being processed to transfer the centre, the home of Team Rwanda,to full management by Ferwacy.

On his part, Mr Aimable Bayingana, the head of Ferwacy thanked the Minister of Sports and Culture for making time to visit the federation and said that the federation appreciates the usual support of the ministry in its endeavours to take cycling to another level.

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