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Uwizeye Jean Claude wins Heritage Tour Challenge

Amis Sportifs rider Uwizeye Jean Claude won the inaugural Heritage Tour Challenge one-day race on Saturday.The 21-year old rider,sprinted to victory from a reduced peleton as a number of riders were distanced in the final six-lap circuit.

Mugisha Samuel (Benediction Club) was second and Karegeya Jeremie (Cine Elmay) third in Nyanza.

Uwizeye, one of a few Team Rwanda riders who raced on Saturday,said it was a “ tough race” as he “was still tired” from Tour du Rwanda.

The Rubavu-based Benediction Club won the team classification ahead of Amis Sportifs and Cycling Club for All.

Top 10 results

1. Uwizeye Jean Claude (Amis Sportifs) 3:21:37

2. Mugisha Samuel (Benediction Club)

3. Karegeya Jeremie (Cine Elmay)

4. Manizabayo Eric (Benediction Club) 3:21:41

5. Nduwayo Eric (Benediction Club) 3:21:43

6. Twizerane Mathieu (CCA) 3:21:45

7. Rugamba Janvier (Amis Sportifs) 3:21:49

8. Ruberwa Jean (Benediction Club) 3:29:28

9. Byukusenge Nathan (Benediction Club) 3:29:45

10. Ruhumuriza Abraham (CCA)

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