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(ToR) - Consultant for AFRICA RISING CYCLING CENTER (ARCC) for Website and Database development

Terms of Reference Consultant for AFRICA RISING CYCLING CENTER (ARCC) for Website and Database development


FERWACY is a national non-governmental organization with national interest, having legal personality pursuant to the national law in force. FERWACY is affiliated to the Union Cycliste Internationale (“UCI”).

The purposes of FERWACY are:

  • To direct, develop, regulate, control and discipline cycling under all forms at the national level;
  • To promote cycling in RWANDA and at all levels;
  • Organizing training courses and workshops for cycling leaders, trainers, commissars, and for other relevant officials for the development of cycling;
  • To encourage friendship between all members of the cycling world; to promote sportsmanship and fair play;
  • To represent the sport of cycling and defend its interests before the National Olympic Committee and all national authorities;
  • Fighting against doping in cycling and in sport in general.

As an organization that serves the interest of cycling for all, based on the synergies that are apparent between our countries this document discusses possible relationship areas that would be complementary all parties in regards to the cycling sport.

FERWACY is excited to look for a consultant and that would develop its cycling centre’s website and database.

Africa Rising Cycling centre regarded as the home of the national team, works closely with the Rwandan federation in different programs related to the development of cycling in Rwanda, were it has put efforts in training those that are looking to make a career in cycling. This effort is not only pictured on the Rwandan platform but extends also to the whole African continent.

Programs at ARCC

Cycling development programs at ARCC

  • Amateur and Pro-cyclist training: Whether individual are amateur or looking to become pro-cyclists ARCC has training programs and capacity to offer individuals skills that can help them advance towards their goal.
  • cycling coach training: Due to the lack of cycling coaches on the continent, ARCC collaborates with different organizations and federations in order to offer training for those that are looking into the career of a cycling directeur sportif
  • Race Commisaires: Due to the lack of cycling coaches on the continent, ARCC collaborates with different organizations and federations in order to offer training for those that are looking into the career of a race commisaire
  • Cycling Team Soigneur and mechanic: ARCC collaborates with different organizations and federations in order to offer training for those that are looking into the career of a cycling team Soigneur or mechanic

Cycling Tourism

  • There are three major areas of contribution from cycle tourism at ARCC. They all together make ARCC an open door to the cycling world and their combined values can contribute a lot to ARCC production, depending on the source used. These areas are: MTB/Road Bike tours and Bike friendly Bungalow stay
  • ARCC’s road bike and mountain bike tours are incorporated in the “visit Rwanda feeling” offering a variety of different tours that cater to all skill levels. From individual cycling trips to group riding ARCC is provides a bucket list escapade that is a must to do.

Cycling Team or group training camp

The center works closely with cycling teams, federations, other cycling centers and organizations to host training camps. Team training camps or group trainings camps have gradually increased since ARCC initiation,. We have had couple of teams most from African continent and also of pro teams, group training camps also are on the rise; as we had few people come and train for competitions. In its 4 years now the center has not only trained Rwandan cyclists but also cyclists from different nations across Africa, like Eritrea, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Gabon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Botswana, Kenya, Burundi, Nigeria, Zambia and Burkina Faso.

Context and purpose of this Assignment

The purpose of this consultancy is to design and develop a website for ARCC to effectively implement services, communication and outreach to the cycling world local and abroad, and to create a comprehensive database for ARCC’s guests which will be incorporated and used in targeted promotion. The consultancy is also expected to build the capacities of ARCC staff to manage and maintain the website and database as well as conduct outreach activities.
With the programs and services mentioned above, there is a need to develop a clear and comprehensive website and database to be able to pronounce those services to the mass target and also be able to rack those that show interest via the website. In addition to constructing a database to keep record of those that visit ARCC, is necessary and very important for future communication in terms of programs change or service.
The objective of the assignment is to develop the website and database that will support the ARCC in attracting potential targets to use their service/programs.


Under the overall supervision of the Managing director, the consultant will work closely with all heads of departments at ARCC and the consultant will be based in Rwanda, but will be required to travel to ARCC offices in Musanze frequently.

To achieve this, Website and database Development Consultant will carry out the following tasks;

Creation and Development of the Database and Design of Website

  • Design and develop conceptual framework for structure of the website and database to support detailed information and expectations of ARCC, including their programs and services,
  • Create pages of each program/service and an online booking system
  • Create database for the booking system
  • Creates the FAQ and the online interaction to help the interested responders to be updated
  • and informed about the ARCC services.
  • Searches engine placement, and designs the texts in ways to ensure the website and related database rank in the top of,, searches
  • Design guidance as to the maintenance of the website; text of website content in English, other material to be included on the site (e.g. photo, video, maps) and all materials.

Development and Construction of the Website

  • Develop the front end, middleware and database code for the website using clear, easily maintainable and effective code, using best practice, coding languages for such a website
  • Administrate the creation and publishing of relevant, original, high-quality content on the ARCC website;
  • Advise on the online payment system, and its management
  • Install and configures the environment for the website to be constructed
  • Designs the Interface and integrates the Content Management System (CMS)
  • Hosts the website on a (.rw) platform for 1 year after testing

Duty Station

The assignment is preferably to be delivered in direct collaboration with the ARCC team. The on-ground duty station will be the Africa Rising Cycling Center (ARCC) in Kinigi (Musanze). Frequent physical presence is required. Office space in the ARCC will be provided, but other related tools for the completion of the assignment (e.g. airtime, laptop, mobile phone) are not provided.

Reporting and coordination

The Consultant is required to report directly to managing director of ARCC

Expected Deliverables

The following deliverables shall be delivered during this assignment:
Duration and timeline
The duration of this assignment is from 4th January 2021 to 12th February 2021.
The expert will be engaged for 30 working days as below:



Estimated working days


  • Develop website with all services/programs of ARCC represented
  • Develop the website with new graphics (photos, videos and documents contents);
  • Set-up the booking and payment page and perform test run;
  • Create a link page for ARCC partners, sponsors and other stakeholders;
  • Create webmail for ARCC staff




  • Create database for ARCC guests and clients visiting the website
  • Create database for the online booking system
  • Create a databse report system for the bookings and payments
  • Maintaining the databases as required.



  • Produce a final detailed report at the completion of the assignment that includes all achieved milestones, challenges faced, and mitigation strategies used and recommendation that can guide future similar assignments.



Key Expertise and Qualifications required

  • At least 3 years’ experience in website design and development
  • At least 3 years’ experience in database design and development
  • Proven experience in information management
  • University Degree: BSc-Computer Science or related educational background, with an MSc in Computer Science considered an advantage
  • Knowledge of Database Design and Development using either: Microsoft SQK Server, Oracle or MS Access
  • Knowledge of scripting languages:
  • Knowledge of Web Design Editors: Dreamweaver MX, Delphi for PHP, FrontPage and other related editors,
  • Language skills: Fluency in English and Kinyarwanda, particularly with regards to the website terminology is highly desirable
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural environment and establish harmonious and effective relationships.
    The Consultant shall provide the CV with concrete evidence of previous experiences of similar assignments.

In case of questions regarding the assignment, please contact us at

Please submit your technical proposal and financial proposal to FERWACY office at:


Notice that no proposals will be considered after the 31st/December/2020


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